Dance Classes

Modern Dance & Ballet Academy

Because people grow and develop at different rates, an overlap among age and class level is allowed at the Academy to accommodate individual needs. Specific class placement will be made on an individual basis.

Ballet classes for all ages.

Creative Movement/Petit Enfant - Ages 3-4 being to develop joy in movement and appreciation for classical dance through creative expression with poetry, movement games, and classical music.

Pre-Ballet/Level A - Ages 4-8 are presented the rudiments of classical training in a format, which encourages spontaneous, free-expression. Movement in and through space, improvisation, and songs about dance elements teach appreciation for the study of dance and being to develop emerging awareness of dance as an art form.

Ballet/Level B - Ages 7-12. Emphasis on a strong, technically correct foundation in body alignment and movement execution while maintaining dance quality characterizes this level of a dancer's development. Barre work is introduced, but developing improvisation and imagination skills is still an important element of the class structure.

Ballet/Level C - Ages 9-adult. All fundamental movements are studied and applied as the dancer's movement vocabulary increases. The work mastered in the combined levels B and C are the foundation of strength and execution for all dance forms in American and European culture.

Ballet/Level D - Ages 11-adult. At this level of development body alignment is finally maintained and is now the natural stance of the dancer's body. The style and quality befitting a ballet dancer are beginning to blossom and the student is acquiring new step at a greater frequency. Upon completing this level, the student will be prepared to enter the advanced level of training.

As students progress, their classes may be designated B2, C3, B2/C, etc. indicating their progress through or transition to a particular level. All students are carefully observed and evaluated throughout the year and individual class placement is adjusted according to the needs of each student.

Ballet for Adults - Offered at three levels, these classes provide adults the opportunity to experience the art of ballet and grow in artistic expression through dance in an environment sensitive to the needs of adults.

Dance for Boys - Ages 8 and up, instructed by Romney Taylor. In this class boys will experience the power of jumping and turning from a strongly masculine perspective. Elements of ballet are the basis, but taught in a way that focuses on the way boys like to move.

Pointe - Female students who have studied classical ballet consistently, 2-3 classes per week for at least 2-3 years may be eligible to begin pointe work. There are many factors that affect readiness for this serious level of ballet study and no one is admitted to a pointe or pre-pointe class without permission from the director of the Academy. Student with inconsistent attendance or lack of focus will not remain in a pointe or pre-pointe class.

Partnering (Pas de Deux) - The art of dancing as a pair, turning, lifting, and gliding in harmony.

Cecchetti Council of America Examination Classes - Students at the Academy are presented for examination approximately once every 18 months. Students must study twice per week to qualify for presentation. Students preparing for Standard or Primary exams (ages 5-9) will usually study once per week until it is time to add the exam preparation class (approximately 16-20 week,) year round, consistently, or they will not be strong enough to be adequately prepared. Studying for the exam does not guarantee being presented for an upcoming session. Some students require 18 months to prepare, others take longer. Continued progress should be the goal.

Spanish Classical Dance - This dance form embodies the soul and culture of the people of Spain in movement, foot rhythms, and castanet work.

Dance Plus - Provides ballet students an opportunity to explore other dance form and conditioning exercises which enhance the ballet experience. Jazz, Character Dance, and Strength & Flexibility are the subject taught on a rotating basis, in 9-week introductory sessions.

Character Dance - Theatrical folk dancers of southern and eastern Europe, which are seen in classical ballets such as Swan Lake, Coppelia, Giselle, etc. A must for dancers who study ballet.

Theater Games - Fun improvisation-based class designed to improve students' skill in concentration, creativity, group interaction, and problem solving. A background in dance is NOT necessary and students enrolled in this class do not have to be dance students. Theater games nurture skill and attitudes that are useful in every aspect of learning and life. The games will make students independent problem solvers who are more knowledgeable about themselves.

Modern Dance - This Modern Dance class, taught by Nancy Hughes, provides fundamental principles of Modern Dance based on a variety of techniques emphasizing contact improvization. 

Yoga - Teens and adults will enjoy this ancient art form which promotes strength and flexibility, body alignment, and general well being. The class is taught by Nancy Hughes.

Pilates Mat Class - Taught by certified Pilates instructor, Nancy Hughes.

Karate Classes - Ages 5 - adult. Isshin-Ryu Karate originated on the island of Okinawa. It emphasizes patience, courtesy, consistent and regular training, and moral culture (doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do). You discipline your body to discipline your mind. In the process, you also learn awareness and self-defense. This is not a sport martial art that emphasizes competition. The emphasis of this training is personal development that the student will be able to integrate into real life situations.

Performance and Choreography Study - In this class parents and dancers will view a short concert dance piece, by a professional choreographer and/or company, on video. After viewing the video the class will participate in a series of Aesthetic Education exercises designed to enable the students to create their own choreography based on the movement concepts evident in the dance piece viewed. This class is based on the Lincoln Center Aesthetic Education model and has been taught by Miss Lisa during her 10 years with the Arts in Education Institute of WNY, and also in dance programs she created and taught at Buffalo Seminary and Oracle School.

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