Dress Code

Dress Code Requirements for Our Dance Classes


Female: Ballet pink, footed or convertible tights; long or short sleeved leotard (Creative Movement and Levels A and B) with modest "ballet cut" leg. Levels C and up may wear camisole style leotards. All leotards must be a solid, conservative color. Leotards with attached skirts, tutus, etc. are not acceptable. Black leotards are considered traditional class dancewear and are required for exams.

Male: Black tights, black dance belt, white tee shirt, elastic waist belt (to hold up tights), and white socks. Long black bike pants without padding may be worn in place of tights except for performances.

*For both males and females appropriate support should always be worn under dancewear. Females do not wear underpants under their tights.

Character Dance:

Female: Knee length circle skirt worn over the tights and leotards; Male: May wear jazz pants over regular ballet attire.

Jazz: Jazz pants or shorts may be worn over regular ballet attire.

Modern: Regular ballet attire, bare feet (use convertible or footless tights)


Female: Pink ballet slippers with elastic, pointe shoes for approved students only.

Male: White ballet slippers with elastic.

Character: Leather oxford or strap style shoe with a heel.

Jazz: A simple jazz oxford or pull on jazz shoe, black preferred.

*It is essential that all shoes be properly fitted. See your teacher to approve fit before wearing. We recommend you purchase all dance shoes from a reputable dance supply store such as Bailey Slipper Shop, not at a Walmart or Target. Stores like those do not have the quality or range of sizes necessary for a proper fit for dancing.

Bailey Slipper Shop
8210 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221



All hair must be pulled up off neck and forehead with no hair left hanging. Buns, French Braids tucked up, etc. Pony tails are OK, but not preferred, for very young students under age 8 only.

*No jewelry in class except small, stud earrings.