Lillian Altreuter

"My name is Lillian Altreuter and I am an Alumni of Lisa Taylor's Academy and Lisa Taylor Dancers."

I have been dancing since I was five. I attended Lisa Taylor's Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts for twelve years. Studying at Lisa Taylor's has taught me a lot about the dancing body, most importantly identifying injuries in myself and others. I am now in my junior year at Smith College and majoring in dance. In addition, I'm studying anatomy, physics and chemistry as I hope to become a physical therapist after I graduate. I've taken jazz and contemporary classes, and I'll be studying Tal Chi and ballet in the fall. The certificate I'm holding in the picture is from my Grade V, Cecchetti Council of American Ballet Examination, I completed in 2011 during my senior year of high school. I've also completed Grades I-IV.

Working with Miss Lisa and the Cecchetti Council of America gave me so much more than a technical understanding of Ballet. I attended the studio because the teachers were certified and my parents and I knew we could trust them. So many young dancers' families endanger the health of their children by not doing enough background research and sending them to a dance school where the teachers put their students at risk. My mother went to such a ballet studio and her anatomy has been permanently damaged as a result of her dance teacher's carelessness. I am very lucky to have worked with people who were conscientious about dancers' health and safety. If for no other reason, one should consider working with the Cecchetti Council of America through Lisa Taylor's Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts for the rigorously trained teachers who are devoted to their art and the overall well being of their students I Thank you for all you have given to me through love of dance and teaching Miss Lisa!"